I am sure a lot of you will have questions about the upcoming BCSC ’22 event. We try to answer the most common questions in the FAQ section, don’t see the question or answer that you are looking for? Don’t hesitate and send us an email: info@baseballculture.nl

When will the tournament take place?

From Monday August 8th untill Saturday August 13th.

I want to register for an older age group than my own, is that possible? For example, I am 15 years old but want to play in the U21 baseball competition.

Based on your draft video and current experience we will determine if you have the skills to compete in another age group. Please make sure to specify your request when sending your registration. It can also occur that the BCSC organization by itself determines that your talent is more suited for an older age group, we will always discuss that option with you.

Are there accomodations nearby where I can stay during the event?

Next to the ballpark we have the ‘van der Valk hotel’ and the ‘City camping’ is at a walking distance. Neptunus is located close to the city centre, public transport and highways, so many other options are easily accessible. We will post recommendations at short notice.

I am younger than 10 years old, is there no posibility that I can still join the tournament?

Based on your draft video and skills the organisation might make an exception. Make sure to specify your age and request in the application form.

Are you going to post all the names of the people who registered for the tournament at short notice?

We will post all the names of the people who have payed their tournament fee a couple of days prior to the draft event.

I don’t have a video (yet). Can I still sign up?

Yes, you can! Sign-up now and send the video later. A video is not mandatory but will help you get selected during the draft.

When do I pay the tournament fee?

As soon as you register you will receive an email with payment instructions. Final payment needs to be done no later than ... to make sure you will enter the draft